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Young Adults (18 - 25)

Modern life creates challenges for young adults, not least moving away from home and parents into independence. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy tries to understand why we behave in the way we do and why we can’t stop. It recognises that we are deeply affected by our experiences but also the way we manage those experiences.

Some ways of managing can be very destructive and can get in the way of us achieving what we are capable of or making satisfying and lasting relationships. It is very important to make sense of who we are and how we manage ourselves and our emotions in order to enable us to be able to develop different and more constructive patterns.

We are able to help with a wide range of emotional and other problems, for example




Low mood and depression

Emotional, physical and sexual abuse

Self-harm, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts

Low confidence or self esteem

Anger problems

Relationship problems

Sexual problems

Underachieving at college/work

Eating problems and disorders

Making and keeping friends

Sleep difficulties

The Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP)

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The ACP is a professional body for psychoanalytic child and adolescent psychotherapists in the UK.

The ACP is responsible for training and practice standards for its members and provides information to the public about child psychotherapy.

The ACP is an Accredited Register of the Professional Standards Authority. PSA logo